Year Seventeen

The journey continues

Right now

Within the known universe

I don’t see myself as they see. I’m like any other artist. Writing in a small column that only a college would see. But to think today while back in the studio, $3 would allow me to edit another video. Now I have enough for Top Ramen for dinner tonight. It was so funny, I’d have these people would come up to me and think you make and need a huge budget just to film on a camera.

I’m telling them no.

The whole original idea in 2001, to use the materials that were given to me, do not buy anything, and use this for art. Display a hand drawing canvas of the beach. Eventually you gather so much art you have to start working just to store it.

Renting is not owning.

My many friends and of them, who have don’t have houses, but apartments yes. If they do have a house, I’m lucky.

What is real?

Just like everything I film, is not staged. It is given to me. Only on that day will you ever see anything like that again. Every day is different. I take the time to enjoy each and every day, turn it into an art.

And what else

This website:

A simple place to display art would turn into something else. I don’t know how this had happened except maybe by playing those live shows when I was mostly a musician. I still am yes I know. One day an empty venue, the next day sold out. That’s what’s funny about everyday. It’s different. Like today when I’m not working, I’m writing a comedy. Times always changing and this time it’s all serious. So somebody’s got to pull out the drinks, the sofa, and ambient music in the background. Except they don’t laugh. Like statues, they gladly take a Bud Light and never sit on the sofa, no emotion in their faces, just solid stone cold. Standing there for the whole 3 or 4 hours while we are talking and drinking. Sit down please. That’s okay because we got comedians standing by just to make you, yes force you, to laugh. You will laugh. Yes you will. Haha!

Thank you for coming back from time to time. I never would have guessed it would get it so far. But then again maybe I did because of all the art I collected over time.

And in three years, when all of us are finally laughing, You and I. I’ll repost this and say see I told told you so. Because this is 2019 and not 2023. Just like this is 2019 and not 2006. Haha Life is funny! Take care folks!

In Kinship

Of his heart, he gives you these multiple aspects – music performance, filming, painting, sculpting, writing, acting, editing, coding, lighting, photography and so much more I didn’t have time to include them in this post. With the endless possibilities of art, we can continue to show a black, gray, and white dull world some color. Join us. We know you are artistic.

Extra Ordinary

Here’s a heads up! I’ve got some filming sessions coming up and I need large amounts of people show up at these various locations . I need multicolored clothing; no logos, and people all different sizes; short and tall. More info on this soon. I won’t post this on Facebook, so keep a look out on my events page for more detail.

Partly Soundcloud with a chance of showers

I’ve heard it before. People stating there isn’t enough audio tracks to listen to. I can’t give out everything for free, but one thing I can give is my Soundcloud tracks. When there was no video for you, there was audio. I recorded my slogs (Sound logs) of events that occurred and the various skits of comedy to laugh at. Have yourself a listen or two here.

A new gallery

Being that it is March, I have updated the image gallery. Although, you can a few albums right now, I am uploading the images individually here on this website instead of them being hosted on image service. If you prefer to view all them now, you can still view the old Gallery here.

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