• More Songs 4 U

    Yes you buddy. I’m still here and I’m still uploading even more quarterly tracks for the year 2023. Not much else going on at the moment. Hiding among crowds of people, still making music in a artificial dungeon. Maybe just maybe, someone might notice me. The tiny spec living on planet earth. Who still watches the stars in the sky? Beside you, right beside you.

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  • Ocean Wava

    And there I was, standing on water. Getting splashed by another wave. When suddenly a plane landed in the water out of nowhere man. Yeah I was there. Anyways it was like the aliens were falling from the sky. And man that was a crazy summer let me tell you.

    Because I bought these nachos and that was a bad idea. You know what I mean man?

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  • Hello

    I’m up here in who knows what? A spaceship. Kinda like a mansion in space. Then the other day the phone rang and he was saying stuff like help us because my back is hurting and you are the only one who can carry the milk. So I flew back and boy were those asteroid were smelling the damn room up, I had no choice but to eject somewhere over Earth. Now I am: here/ If you are receiving this message: Please respond by defending the human race. In this race there is no first place but you do wear a metal. Either under your shirt or on your wrist. Then you are one of us. We, I need your help as the alien have already arrived. They hide in the dark. But not all of darkness. There is a light and the water comes flowing in like waves from an ocean. Over and over.

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  • Year 2023

    It’s a new year and that means new media. As before I am releasing more content right now as you read this. So keep checking back in the month of January. I got something special lined up.

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  • Oops

    You thought you had the site but now I have deleted everything so you can’t see it now. Have a happy New Year!

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