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    June 3, 2018

    Northern Lights

    I have seen the sand that difts into the wind to the west, a full moon that rises on the east, an ocean warm enough to soak your very soul in the south, and now I see a light that shines brighter than the sun in the north. I have traveled the world and beyond to know that we are a human race, all communicating the same stories no matter what language we speak. Sometimes, together we will and together we will not. But, no matter how far away you are, standing right next to you does not seem to be an issue no longer. I am listening. And I can only hear what is needed to be heard. None of this nonsense  about what he said and she said but only the important matters, This will complete the story. A question you ask yourself in the mirror. An answer that lies behind your eyes and deep into your thoughts.  This is all that has to be said… for now. And when I return, there will listen to another story.

    November 14, 2017

    It’s been a busy year

    It’s been a busy year working with 9 different projects, sometimes one at a time. Sometimes all at the same time. I have worked with many others in the same industry that I pursue and I have learned a great amount this year. From how to travel city by city to how to live solely on one bag of rice. It has been a great experience! Now as I can sit back and watch myself on the big screen walk across in the convention center themed in the movie “War Dogs” or in another court room scene from the television show “How to get away with murder”, I know I have finally made my statement and it will forever be embedded in the media.  Thank you all who have helped me achieve one of my goals. I believe if you keep trying and never give up, you can also achieve any goal you dream.

    July 22, 2016

    Copyright policy changed

    As you may have noticed, Nick Physick has requested that all of media before July 2016 is to be taken down from the public domain. Starting August 2016, you will still be to view media that has been taken from Facebook,Youtube and other social media on the official website. Thank you all for your concern. Nick has stated he is still compiling Project 16 which is the current project title for an  upcoming album release.

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Focal Root Point

An audio track from the upcoming 2016 album release.

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OLD** Nick Physick - Episode 9

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