That’s Mr. Nick Physick

Hey! I put up a personal page here on which has status updates, personal photography, event updates, and reposts from other social media. Consider this my own Facebook but without the blinding white and blue colors. Ouch!

Partly Soundcloud with a chance of showers

I’ve heard it before. People stating there isn’t enough audio tracks to listen to. I can’t give out everything for free, but one thing I can give is my Soundcloud tracks. When there was no video for you, there was audio. I recorded my slogs (Sound logs) of events that occurred and the various skits of comedy to laugh at. Have yourself a listen or two here.

A new gallery

Being that it is March, I have updated the image gallery. Although, you can a few albums right now, I am uploading the images individually here on this website instead of them being hosted on image service. If you prefer to view all them now, you can still view the old Gallery here.

Old New

Old news can be found over here. I am replacing this homepage with news at the top domain. Thanks! Enjoy!