A Million (2017)

One morning

one pigeon

one flew

all away


Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is now on Android!

This is 2017 and there are games that are now compatible with your Android device ...
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10 Years

10 Ears 10 Beers 10 Years ...
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Copyright policy changed

As you may have noticed, Nick Physick has requested that all of media before July 2016 is to be taken ...
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I can’t breathe

Considering all that has been told about where I come from, finding out that I am a Saturian, I am ...
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Advertisement Week

For one week, I am doing a test while running the new advertisement campaign ...
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Uploading progress

I am about 60% complete on uploading the videos for my new hosting platform. Not only will you be to ...
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We are adding s3n9 hosted videos

S3n9, my production label is now hosting Nick Physick videos  at Enjoy this classic! ...
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WHAT?! WHAT'S THIS?! All of the post have been relocated to for my server upgrade. Faster, smoother, and more ...
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*Added a system log system on the main page which will display current patching regarding / nickphysick,com *Updated server ...
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The Uplifting.mp3 Added

Yet another song release from the upcoming Saturn Nein #5 album also available as a download. You can listen to this ...
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What’s New!

I am on an audio cascade; formulating ideas into concepts of art. 

I am working on this website again, so expect some updates. Thanks guys!