I can’t breathe

Commentary: Science fiction writing about my character, Nick Physick.

Considering all that has been told about where I come from, finding out that I am a Saturian, I am unable to breathe the oxygen on the planet Earth. I also must shield myself from the extreme UV rays as they decay my flesh rapidly. I have also taken down all the videos before the year 2015 to hide my alien identity as the space agency is on the lookout for my whereabouts.

Advertisement Week

Commentary: I performed a advertisement compaign to test how much revenue I could produce. This did not work because it was based on how many times a user clicks on the advertisement, not on how many page views.

For one week, I am doing a test while running the new advertisement campaign. Registered users will be allowed to post your advertisements through various parts of the web domain; mostly which is displayed on source 2. Because Source 2 gives you the option to display almost anything especially advertisements, you will see random pop ups this week from our sponsers, adf.ly and google adsense. Please note that these will only display for March  6 thru March 12. After that advertisements will go live FREE for public use and will only display on forms – logins, registrations, contacts. I understand how advertisements can be annoying which is why I have decided to only do a one week campaign. I receive over 35,000 daily hits and advertisements will help pay maintain the monthly cost of this web domain due to the recent server upgrade. You can also donate $1 to Saturn Nein here. If 40 of the 35,000 donate one dollar = $40: this will help pay for most of the utility use. Thank you for you contributions!



Commentary: Annual System updates

*Added a system log system on the main page which will display current patching regarding saturnnein.com / nickphysick,com

*Updated server routes to New York, Miami, Orleans, Ashton, Bakersfield, Seattle, Las Vegas, Reno, London, Hukusaki, and Kenwui. Load times are dramatically decreased. Example: New York ping times are now .4  instead of 3.2

*Added hostnames nickphysick.com and s3n9.com to saturnnein.com

Subplane: I know news and source2 has been going off and on throughout the day. This is because I have been moving the files and distributing them to the other server throughout the country. You can now log into them correctly.

Saturn I 2006 is moving

Commentary: I’m glad I did this. I have made so much revenue ever since I put this up on bandcamp. I had also posted this album on ITunes, which I did not mention in this article.

I am moving the album “Saturn I” to saturnnein.bandcamp.com. Each track will be available for purchase and you be able to listen to the album once again in it’s full entirety as it was released in 2006. I believe, since I have been working recently on new projects, there is no need for promotion on this album as it does not represent any thing according to what is going on currently in 2015. I am proud to announce a new album is up for release very soon. You can still listen to the tracks by visiting the audio section. This will take you to saturnnein.bandcamp.com to review the tracks. Enjoy!

Christopher Nezer, the man behind Nick Physick

Quite a few people know who Nick Physick is. But most people do not know that Nick Physick is actually a character that was created by Christopher Nezer in 2001. Creative musician for the band Saturn Nein and currently a videographer for his Nick Physick episodes on Youtube, Nick Physick was created as an fictional astronaut character who was sent on a seven year journey to the planet Saturn. When forming Saturn Nein he would often use this name under the tab for the band. After performing shows others began calling him Nick instead of Christopher. This has become his new nickname.

Christopher Medina in 2001

Christopher Michael Nezer in 1999


And what of Christopher? Christopher Nezer is actually the great grandson to Marika Nezer, a greek film actress from the 1960’s. She had performed in many greek movies. She passed away in 1989. In the 1980’s, Christopher Nezer was adopted under the last name “Medina” through the filing of a divorce. However he still uses the last name “Nezer” when filming in honor of his great grandmother.


Marika Nezer 1946-1952


Marika Nezer 1933