Advertisement Week

Commentary: I performed a advertisement compaign to test how much revenue I could produce. This did not work because it was based on how many times a user clicks on the advertisement, not on how many page views.

For one week, I am doing a test while running the new advertisement campaign. Registered users will be allowed to post your advertisements through various parts of the web domain; mostly which is displayed on source 2. Because Source 2 gives you the option to display almost anything especially advertisements, you will see random pop ups this week from our sponsers, and google adsense. Please note that these will only display for March  6 thru March 12. After that advertisements will go live FREE for public use and will only display on forms – logins, registrations, contacts. I understand how advertisements can be annoying which is why I have decided to only do a one week campaign. I receive over 35,000 daily hits and advertisements will help pay maintain the monthly cost of this web domain due to the recent server upgrade. You can also donate $1 to Saturn Nein here. If 40 of the 35,000 donate one dollar = $40: this will help pay for most of the utility use. Thank you for you contributions!


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