What happened to Episode 10?

I have friends that come up to me and ask when is episode 10 going to be released. There are several reasons why I have been unable to release this episode.  First off, let us consider the team I WAS working with. We had an alcoholic actor who likes to procrastinate every chance he can. Calling him through the phone was impossible as he would never answer. When I did finally contact him, often times he would drink before shooting the film and pass out through the middle of the take. Then we got our security guy, who basicly has a power trip, likes to yell at our clients, and frighten them away. Then our 2nd camera man who likes to steal hours of important footage and run off to Santa Monica or who knows where.

Studio time is out the question because I have no home. No home = no studio because this where I do my editing. It takes me roughly a week to pre render a episode for final editing, then in the 2nd week I can release it on YouTube. I have been trying so hard to obtain another job outside of my filming career to help budget life and the film but the economy is at a all time low.

Never fear, because I do not give up. Once again, I have decided to take on filming again but like before, on my own. I find it best to work alone right now because if there is someone I can count on, it is myself. I hope in the future I can take a more careful consideration by interviewing potential candidates for the Saturn Nein Production Crew.

Episode 10 is in production in the month of July 2014. I will do my editing through government facilities in which their business hours will allow me to do so. Please understand, I am not a slacker nor have I forgotten about all of you. I know how important it is to keep my fans entertained with new footage. I appreciate your all of your responses and I personally thank you all for understanding these troubled times that I am currently facing. I will continue to keep a positive attitude and move forward.

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