Different Directions

Hello everyone! I have come to tell you that Saturn Nein been updated to the new version of the website 14.2 which includes this new NEWS interface with a background image hosting with overlay text. Profiles have also been modified so now you can have several different types of profiles such as the gaming one I am using to share all my online gaming information in one place. We have also added the new Japan/China ISP server so now if you live on the other side of the world you will have no latency effect as has been stated before by user: AlexaJon. UPDATES ON EPISODE 10 – Sorry folks, it was dropped again for the 4th time but that still doesn’t stop us from contributing more video projects. I am working on a solution to go back to making the old normal videos other than major development episodes. Episodes take the time and effort of a whole crews to put together. I hope you enjoy everything we are putting together for you to bring in the community. Feel free to make suggestions! Thank you all!>

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