Christopher Nezer, the man behind Nick Physick

Quite a few people know who Nick Physick is. But most people do not know that Nick Physick is actually a character that was created by Christopher Nezer in 2001. Creative musician for the band Saturn Nein and currently a videographer for his Nick Physick episodes on Youtube, Nick Physick was created as an fictional astronaut character who was sent on a seven year journey to the planet Saturn. When forming Saturn Nein he would often use this name under the tab for the band. After performing shows others began calling him Nick instead of Christopher. This has become his new nickname.

Christopher Medina in 2001

Christopher Michael Nezer in 1999


And what of Christopher? Christopher Nezer is actually the great grandson to Marika Nezer, a greek film actress from the 1960’s. She had performed in many greek movies. She passed away in 1989. In the 1980’s, Christopher Nezer was adopted under the last name “Medina” through the filing of a divorce. However he still uses the last name “Nezer” when filming in honor of his great grandmother.


Marika Nezer 1946-1952


Marika Nezer 1933