Blog – Things you didn’t know about me #1

I receive quite a bit of email from fans with questions about myself. I thought it would be a great opportunity to type this first blog with answers to your questions.

I love applauds: When I hear people clapping, or cheering for my work or myself it makes me feel good to know that you appreciate my art.

When you come up to me and say hello: So many times I have been called rude because people say I do not notice them, when in fact I do. I believe it is they who are rude for they have not greeted me with a simple hello. How am I to know if you are talking to me when you have not addressed yourself? I would love to speak to anyone, especially those who are interested in speaking with me. I am sure you will find how much in common we have and soon we will both be enjoy our conversation.

Do I drive: I use to drive, however since 2011, gas prices have gone so high that the car I was driving was given away and now I choose to take our wonderful metropolitan transit system. In the future, I would rather have my own personal driver as I am exhausted from sitting in hot summer traffic for so many years. Yes, I have a driver licence.

People who walk behind me: It makes me feel like someone important, like a president or a pope when people walk with me or behind me, and talk about a song or an episode that I produced. I like hearing the commentary and it helps give me ideas for future projects.

Am I really deaf and blind: The answer is no. But you must not take anything I’ve written – a song or postings – into actual literal meaning. I write in a certain art form which is most often symbolic. The words have a meaning and associate themselves with the title of the subject. So if I say, I am a ghost, it does not mean that I actaully am. It will usally associate with being invisible or I have disappeared from what ever I am speaking about.

Things that scare me: Nothing really scares me, well except mosquitos and waking up somewhere else. Those tiny little flying insects freak me out when they land on my arm. Have you seen how they are born? It isdisgusting! What if you went to sleep in your bed and the next say you woke up in the middle a forest. That would freak me out! Ha ha!

Do I like men? So many MEN ask me this and I believe because they are attracted to me and want to have a relationship. This is impossible as I am only attracted to WOMEN. I love everyone but not men in that way.

Well that is all the answers I have for you in this blog. I’ll be sure to answer more in a later posting. Thank you for your time abd stay tuned for more audio and video, coming soon to you from myself, Nick Physick of Saturn Nein.

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