Nick Physick – Season 4 Intro?

Hello! I recently uploaded the over-anticipated Season 4 Intro over at Youtube! I am so excited and have put a new crew together which I will be introducing in future episodes. I am sorry for the long wait but wait until to hear this DRAMA! Yes, so I’ve had trouble between my previous video editor with obtaining the video files, waking him up from a drunken splur, verbally fighting with his so-called bitchy girlfriend, he decided to run off to Las Vegas with. Yeah, yeah and so after long negations and avoiding a lawsuit over money, he decided to hand them over. But in the long run, I didn’t like the look he was trying to give so I went through the edit and updated it with the digital look he was trying to give with my recently “glitched”, “broken” look that I have been working with for the 2013 album that I was “also” going to release after he deleted it along with episode 8. All has been well since I have retaken over the project and have learned to never trust anyone especially women with strollers because you’ll find out that they don’t actually have a baby in the stroller.

Maybe this is my life or maybe none of this is even real because if I recall that 99% of time he was the one causing all the drama with “I need help with money this and money that”, and “my girlfriend called and I can’t show up” bullshit. Whatever! There will be no more drama because this is my show, my project and I can choose who will be and who will not be working on the Saturn Nein Project.

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