Welcome to the new Saturn Nein

Version 13 of Saturn Nein is now up and I will be working on major website overhauls(by myself again:( ) which will include the look and ease of use. I was working with a crew which decided not to contribute any of the arts towards the saturn nein project, so I dropped them from the project. I do not like to stand still and wait on a project that is always moving forward. I plan to do this on my own until a new crew would like to work with me to bring out the most amazing art. As before and as always, I am alone.

The person who works above me was not satisfied with a group of people who were pushing negativity towards our project in the most harassing way. Adding the illusion that I was the one doing so, he placed a large mirror in front of me so it reflected towards the public and it was the public who ordered the attention to fix the problem. So he deleted them and they now no longer exist. He told me that he knows there will be always be someone who is trying to push the negativity into a well maintained project because of jealousy, lack of their projects, or just plain hate against it. And that happens, and that is okay, but to hurt his only client is against the rules according to our contract. The end.

— ——–
Across this line there is only happy, good, smiling faces of a million, in a place where our only sun will shine, where greed and love is combined to make only us. As I walk into the ocean and cleanse it all away.