Minor update

Hello! Just a small update:
*Removed “previous versions” link on the menu bar (Now placed in the archive section of the wiki)
*Added quick links to Nick Physick accounts for Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace on the menu bar.
*Video menu is now span 4 rows instead of 1. Improved a larger view to fit within the player.
*Wiki is back online, renamed SNIKI ( Saturn Nein Wiki ),over a hundred of pages with all information of Saturn Nein and Nick Physick.
*New website background.

Another update soon as I will be implementing flash and ajax once more. Due to the lack of technology in 2006, current technology should be able to process the streaming website with your computer. If not, GO FREAKING BUY A NEW COMPUTER AT WALMART FOR $300! I MEAN REALLY SHEESH! WHO USES A PENTIUM 3 ANYMORE?!!! lol… otherwise you can read our text version of the website by deselecting in your web browser.

Thank you 🙂