Where have I been? Where have you been?!

Haha! Hi guys! I have a lot of you asking where have I been. It came to the conclusion that you might not be aware of all my updates that is posted on several websites found over the net. That’s okay because not everyone uses the search found at the bottom of this page to search the user “nickphysick” to find all of my updates and whereabouts. So instead of you wasting hours and hours trying to find me on every page listed in the search engine, I will be placing a little box on the right side that will list all of my current updates from the various websites that I use.

In my current update:
* I am planning on releasing the Nick Physick Season 2 intro, which I haven’t quite completed yet, due to the unpacking and settling in San Diego. (STILL? I KNOW IT’S JULY. WHY DON’T YOU COME HELP ME AND QUIT COMPLAINING LOL! I AM ONLY ONE MAN.) I want to update the song but recording that is not possible at the moment.

* I am fixing and adding new sections to the saturnnein.com and nickphysick.com website. This has been an ongoing 3 week process and I am on week 4. Honestly, this is never going to end because I can always find something to fix.

* I am outside everyday, saying hello, and shaking the hands of every individual who comes up and says hello to me. You will not find me walking to up and saying hello to you (and it’s not because I am rude. I am AFRAID! lol) because most likely you are a republican or a christian fundaMENTAList, lol and will start going on about how I am the devil and I am stealing your money from all the taxes you pay on your property and that BMW that grandma bought you for Christmas. Don’t forget to call grandma, lol. I am the one who is on the other side of the glass now.

Okay, so that is all for now. You take care. And check back for the most current updates! 🙂

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