Welcome Back

Oh it’s you again. Why do keep checking my news? Are you looking for something? I can help you find it. But it seems to me you want me to say something that will give you another reason for you to get upset with me again. Oops! Did I do it again? See, I did it again. I could have just written a post where I just said goodbye but this is not goodbye. This is hello.

If I was even able to speak to you, but he said I could not talk, You don’t want to speak to me, I am no longer, My whole existence is gone. I could not believe he would speak to god in such a manner, but there is no god. Only you. Wishing you harm? You don’t even understand when its all fixed. So why do you keep coming back for more. Now you want to break what is already broken.

Anything I say: hello goodbye how are you have a nice day. You think I’m saying it rudely. Anything that comes out of my mouth offends you and only you. Everyone else says hello back. And everyone else knows. I didn’t even say a word. Quit blaming me.

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