One Week

Hey there! It’s only been one week in San Diego and I have already started to notice the change. I’ve been down at the beach everyday this week. It rained on one day, but by late afternoon the sun came out for me and I still was somehow able to attend the ocean. The way the waves crash down right to my feet is like an honoring of my arrival.
The sun shines down upon my skin and within a couple of day I received a tan. I ride my bike and sometimes skateboard. I am already beginning to feel myself regain my strength. I can’t image how I will feel in one month.
I can’t wait to show you.

But how do I want to show you? Do I want to make another 5 minute episode and show you visuals or do I want to get up close and personal, and speak with you. I do. I am currently considering on using my 2nd youtube channel nickphysick2 for a speaking channel where I will talk with you and you can respond with your comments. I am sure with all the subscribers that I have on the original channel, I will gather most of them on to my 2nd channel. Stay tuned as I plan to film more often at least once or twice a week for now. I am currently in production of Episode 7: Through The Valley. I should be finished with that by mid next week.

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