Since the industry of smart phones has become rather popular, we have made a mobile website where you can quickly gain access sections of our website. You don’t even have to be on a mobile device to view it. Our draft version is up and can be viewed at Not much to view at the moment, but bear with us as it will be fully functional in November.

In other events, I can not speak about the other events that all of you so desperately want to know about at the moment as someone is closely watching us. But the rumors of my death, leaving the city, betraying / abandoning the entire project, physically hurting people, becoming a drug dealer, trying to commit suicide, without a job, and/or hating everyone is not true. Come to the source, here. All the information that is posted here is our media and is stated facts. I can tell you I am doing well and currently working on another music project as well as video. Let us continue.

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