Happy Holidays!

I know I haven’t said much over here @ http://www.nickphysick.com, because I have been primarly working on http://www.saturnnein.com, which is the main network over this subdomain. Gohere for all of our news clips on the expanded over our network.

What is new?:
I have been working on one-take video clips since I don’t have access to my video editing software for seaon 2. Season 3 will hopefully pick up as we will return to editing including a new Los Angeles style intro instead of the old San Francisco Bay Area intro. The fact that I am homeless does not help as access to the video equipment is very hard to reach at this moment. But I have been promised a job soon and then we will back into the studio to continue. But don’t think just because I am homeless that it will stop with production. Although in a previous post over @ http://wwww.saturnnein.com it was stated by someone that I was suppose to be upset and angry over this whole issuse. I assure you I am not as I have found a temperary way to make it through. And that goes for all of us who are homeless. It is information that we as a viewing audience and Nick Physick will deliver it to you. Have a wonderful holiday as I wish you all the best! Thank you for being there! I love you!

Nick Physick