The Grayed Out Era

A time period between 2011 – 2014 where I was a surviving homeless person, filming video clips on the streets of Los Angeles.

We will be right back after these messages

As I slip into

Update 10/6/2011

My Halloween costume

Yes you were correct

Venice Beach version 2.11

Thank you! Happy Holidays!

Wow and uh yes ok sir

Happy new years 2012

Nice night for a walk

Season three – I love you

A 999.99 percent chance

Updating You On 4/23/12

Halo Over Me

Sunny Date

Just Hanging With You And Me

Entertainment Capitol Of The World

Last Of The Remaining Fragments

Nothing To Say

March Right Along

Capturing A Couple Of Moments

Hollywood / Highland Timelapse

I’m Still Walking

The All Seeing Blind And Deaf Person

Randomizer One

Last One Take Two