Chosen Alien

The machines are back and better than ever in this part 2 series that’s probably not ever coming up. Thank you but really man I’ve had too too too much corona. I gotta go . Your couch is making my ass sore. I must be sleeping in the bed. Now I get it. Or is this actually awake. Is there no reality but maybe my girlfriend is an alien from the another planet. Who knows? But all I do know is I’m stuck in a space ship heading to earth at 17,055 mph. Is there no ground? My Feet just sit on air. A new place a new life a new a new what did you know knowing know know tell us …. before we remove this from website in t minus 10 9 8 7 all good girls go to heaven. And I’m so famous that even 3 people know who I am. How did you find us. Hidden shadow he someone showed said you are or aren’t you saw the text I sent you. And the sky. Saw. Have a nice day. Saw.


Remember when I released that song Change? I knew during those times that it wasn’t the same as it had use to be. Technology was changing. Times were changing. Just like now. it is nothing like 2009 or even 2006. Times change and so do people. You are not the same as if you were aged 10 as you are aged now. I know I’m not the same. Haha when I was 10? Maybe darker maybe eviler. Is that a word? What is to come is only the best. The best in us brings out the best in you. And if you suck well then that’s too bad, you are still the best. The best at sucking.

In Kinship

Of his heart, he gives you these multiple aspects – music performance, filming, painting, sculpting, writing, acting, editing, coding, lighting, photography and so much more I didn’t have time to include them in this post. With the endless possibilities of art, we can continue to show a black, gray, and white dull world some color. Join us. We know you are artistic.

Partly Soundcloud with a chance of showers

I’ve heard it before. People stating there isn’t enough audio tracks to listen to. I can’t give out everything for free, but one thing I can give is my Soundcloud tracks. When there was no video for you, there was audio. I recorded my slogs (Sound logs) of events that occurred and the various skits of comedy to laugh at. Have yourself a listen or two here.