Nick Physick

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Alias: Nickolas Michael Physick or

  • name removed*

Beneath the title of:

  • name removed*

born November 4 1979 in San Diego, California

How to pronounce Physick: This name has lost it's proper pronunciation due to the implementation of English language.

This name is often confused with psychic, which Nickolas is not a fortune teller nor can predict the future.

The name was developed by *name removed* in 2001, when he performed a short play as character named Nick Physick, a PH in theoretical science, astronaut who was sent to Saturn. After this performance, he decided to use this alias as his name for the band, saturn nein. Upon releasing three albums, he decided to continue the franchise by signing a contract with YouTube to release one season scenic episodes.

More information regarding this person is currently being uploaded. Visit to read current news about Nick Physick