Nick Physick

About Me


Age: Immortal

Sex: Male

Location: Saturn

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Favorite color: Black

Favorite Food: Spicy

Secret Word : Ladder

What’s new?

Happy Sun Day everyone! The bunny is coming after you! Haha!

I’m thinking of updating this profile page to add more detail like personal pictures, background info, sub categories ect. Because Facebook and all the other social media websites only offer so little information, I’m tryingto tie it in altogether. I’ll see what I can code up for you tonight.

Here’s a new one for you. A short with a Pacific setting. Enjoy!

Here is a test post with the new time system, seconds, minutes, days ago.

These are from the previous version website:

03/10/19 11:16pm

I told you to watch TV for a change.

03/09/19 12:51pm

Wonderful view from up there last night. Will have to do that again. Thanks!

03/09/19 11:46am

The dark cats are at play again. Beware!