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Age: 38

Sex: Male

Location : Everywhere, USA

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Favorite Food: Spicy

Favorite Drink: Orange

Favorite Color: Transparent

Secret Word: Kitten 


About Me:

I am Nick Physick of Saturn Nein, founder, designer, and coder of this website. Feel free to look around while I continue to add more features. This has been an ongoing project since this website was founded in 2002. You are currently using version 18. 72


I have implemented a social media website that allows virtually anything to be built on a single page per user account. Although registration is currently on hold at the moment, I will be reopening the door as soon as I complete a code base created by Boldgrid and myself. We have been working together as a collaborative team all year long and will continue to work together throughout 2018.



My Friends:

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