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Age: Forever Sex: Yes Location: Saturn Favorite Color: Black Favorite Food: Spicy Favorite Drink: Necks Please Select A Word: Syrup, Channel, Ship, Ocean, Vodka, Commando, Focus, Dollar, Bacon, Ham, Pigeon, Duck, Goose, Radio, Carpet, Temple, Water, Pyramid, Desert, Quilt, Feather, Clothes I have chosen: Radio

What’s new?

Funny thing, even though this Corona Virus is going around, I’m usually stuck in the studio regardless during March, April, and May. Hopefully when June comes around, we will all be able to enjoy the outdoors. Otherwise, I guess I can start working on two albums instead of the usual one album. Take care everyone!

I’m not gone. I’m just working three projects at the same time: a movie, a tv series. and game development. Look for me in a new movie trailer on your device in early 2020. The tv series is already running, but look for me in season 17 on an alphabet network. Hear my voice over in a popular upcoming mobile game in the app store in late 2019. See you soon!

The standard procedure of how to get into Hollywood:

  1. Go to a film school.
  2. Google search a casting agency that accepts anyone.
  3. Go to a Studio City bar.
  4. Get drunk and talk about working on a movie project with any random person sitting near you.
  5. Go to an after party and get stoned off your ass and talk about collaborating your efforts in this movie project.
  6. Show up to the movie project.
  7. Talk to other people working on the set.
  8. Exchange information.
  9. Go to another movie project.
  10. Repeat steps 7,8, and 9.
  11. Done. You’re in.

God damn these social media sites piss me off with judging of what I post. Thanks to Saturn Nein, I can post anything I want without being judged by some 52 year old administrator. I’m deciding if I want to put back up the old Saturn Nein platform from 2001 that they basically copied my php file structure. Myspace was probably closer to what it was supposed to be like than Facebook. It’s somewhere in one of these old dust covered 512 mb hardrives.