I am about 60% complete on uploading the videos for my new hosting platform. Not only will you be to view them on Youtube, but you will be able to view them on this official website. I also considering on releasing exclusive videos for this site only. Let’s just finish uploading, alright?


*Added a system log system on the main page which will display current patching regarding saturnnein.com / nickphysick,com

*Updated server routes to New York, Miami, Orleans, Ashton, Bakersfield, Seattle, Las Vegas, Reno, London, Hukusaki, and Kenwui. Load times are dramatically decreased. Example: New York ping times are now .4  instead of 3.2

*Added hostnames nickphysick.com and s3n9.com to saturnnein.com

Subplane: I know news and source2 has been going off and on throughout the day. This is because I have been moving the files and distributing them to the other server throughout the country. You can now log into them correctly.


I am moving the album “Saturn I” to saturnnein.bandcamp.com. Each track will be available for purchase and you be able to listen to the album once again in it’s full entirety as it was released in 2006. I believe, since I have been working recently on new projects, there is no need for promotion on this album as it does not represent any thing according to what is going on currently in 2015. I am proud to announce a new album is up for release very soon. You can still listen to the tracks by visiting the audio section. This will take you to saturnnein.bandcamp.com to review the tracks. Enjoy!


Episodes episodes… Yeah I know but why do you want another episode but when you can watch something even better… that’s a good idea. I am currently trying to put together a little something, if these people would get out of my way. And no not this time, I am keeping this one in my hands. If you good at editing, why don’t you just come to my studio. What happens in the studio, stays in the studio. You know? I know, and I know you are good. But.. But wait! There’s more! Now I can’t promise you anything because all my promises get taken away from me but do you see that little light shining in your eye? Shine the light in his eye so maybe he can see me. Hey! Snap out of it! Wake up, wake up…


Hello my friends! Here’s another slog for your listening pleasure! Yes, as I have stated before, I do plan to do daily video logs as you have requested however the idea of what to talk about on a daily basis is quite challenging as I do the same thing over and over. Everyday is exactly the same. Hmm.. I’ll have to think about that one, but I’ll get back to you. Enjoy the slog!

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/94491788″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]


Just in case you didn’t want to see my face in a video, you can now hear my voice in my sound logs that are being hosted on Sound Cloud. I am also working on compiling a format to host sound logs on Saturn Nein as well. Here are the three most recent clips to enjoy:

Slog – Wonderful morning
[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/89159375″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Slog – Deaf? April 9 2013
[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/88616657″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Slog – Intro April 6 2013
[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/88615849″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]


Hey I thought I would provide you with another update: Slogs, yes I will be adding slogs with voice logs and sound logs of various clips for those who can’t stand the very sight of me but would rather listen to me instead. I will be using Sound Cloud as the host for providing these sound logs and be sure to check out the front page for several other updates by the end of next week.

UPDATE** Also check out this post to hear the latest sound logs


If only I had a heart that could be filled up with your love. If only you would speak to me. I would answer all your questions. If only you knew how much I need you in my life. I would never leave you. If only you knew how much I love to see your smile. If you only knew.


Today I have listened to your song, I will do so as you have told me in the plan of my response. In fact, I have already been doing so for sometime. As I walk beside you in this very moment, I hope you have noticed the very little for what has caused my previous delay. But this time is the time. I have not forgotten and will continue to grow larger as we have all planned.


Thank you for the mass responses on the season 4 intro video! We have been notified that there are issues logging into profiles. We are working on resolving the issue as soon as possible. At this time the images and wiki section are offline, but you can still view all the images in our archive section. We may be possibly designing a wiki section within the news section until the connectivity issue is resolved.


Welcome to the new version of Saturn Nein!
We have a new commenting system which is being used on completely different host compared to our native one.
*Reserve a unique avatar! With you can use your unique avatar anywhere on the Saturn Nein Network.

We deleted any of the news that was posted before 2013!
*It is now being displayed in the section which has also displayed every file since 1999!

New sections in your profile –
*Various Q/A’s about yourself.
*You can leave sections blank by not filling them out. Disable a user profile picture by not uploading one.
*Status yourself in a facebook / twitter style by leaving a comment about yourself.

New video section –
*Video files hosted in a video page with a detailed description and behind the scene footage.

New image section –
*Original image section but now we host moving images.
*Uploaded the 2013 album

Season 4 videos are now online and viewable.


What is left is the rest, (1) you. But what has stayed is the best, (1,000,000,000,000.. ect commas and zeros) us. Happy 2013!

I have installed the new format on the server this morning. Loading seems quick but let me know how do you think run times are working out for you. I will be reimplementing the top users on the home page just as before. Working on the new idea for video and picture feed on the home page. Log in is disabled for profiles but click on the profiles link and it will take you to the log in page.

If you have noticed by Google search is helping us organize our files for search as we are still partnered with them throughout 2013. We will be adding labeled menus on the Google search website so you can easily search our working in progress wiki, videos, pictures, news, and more. Thank you all and I hope you had a wonderful holiday vacation as I know I have!


Version 13 of Saturn Nein is now up and I will be working on major website overhauls(by myself again:( ) which will include the look and ease of use. I was working with a crew which decided not to contribute any of the arts towards the saturn nein project, so I dropped them from the project. I do not like to stand still and wait on a project that is always moving forward. I plan to do this on my own until a new crew would like to work with me to bring out the most amazing art. As before and as always, I am alone.

The person who works above me was not satisfied with a group of people who were pushing negativity towards our project in the most harassing way. Adding the illusion that I was the one doing so, he placed a large mirror in front of me so it reflected towards the public and it was the public who ordered the attention to fix the problem. So he deleted them and they now no longer exist. He told me that he knows there will be always be someone who is trying to push the negativity into a well maintained project because of jealousy, lack of their projects, or just plain hate against it. And that happens, and that is okay, but to hurt his only client is against the rules according to our contract. The end.

— ——–
Across this line there is only happy, good, smiling faces of a million, in a place where our only sun will shine, where greed and love is combined to make only us. As I walk into the ocean and cleanse it all away.


In case you didn’t notice, we turned off images for a month to update the php database. It has been enabled again so you can view the NEW images that have been placed in there for the month of September 2012. Since we don’t currently have a photographer, gathering pictures has been a difficult task for 2012. All pictures in 2012 are taken by Nick Physick and then uploaded to the photo gallery. You can also view the same images on his personal facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/nickolasphysick Enjoy!


It has come to our attention that the web browser, internet explorer does not seem to bring up the complete version of our website. It only shows a search bar from google.com to search various nickphysick entities. This is incorrect.

Most people who use the internet quite often, know that Internet Explorer has issues viewing various parts of websites. This is why we recommend that you download Firefox or Google Chrome to view your favorite websites. You will find that most of the time your websites will load faster, you will have almost no errors, and find more plugins with these browsers.
Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. This will be posted in plain text for you to read just in case you are using Internet Explorer right now 🙂


Back? We never left. The illusion of loss was given to the correct people and their belief allowed us to secretly accomplish our mission. Now that we are several steps ahead, we can continue towards a positive point of view.

Happy 4th of July! Eat up, drink up! A special thanks from Nick Physick!


Do Who You One More
Welcome with me
because it son money
so different ocean
part intake what
can see nothing
in this place
he done
monkey jump and
sea joking one you
umbrella you
float down
down down
he said


She said and ran into arms.
It was so hot.

but letting go of
his temper he said
instead he forgot

to go away
would be to forget her
I follow what he say
and so it all begins again

a golden gate
with your golden gloves
you open to me
and so i open for you
the reflection of our knowledge
printed above as you read over


Hello! Just a small update:
*Removed “previous versions” link on the menu bar (Now placed in the archive section of the wiki)
*Added quick links to Nick Physick accounts for Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace on the menu bar.
*Video menu is now span 4 rows instead of 1. Improved a larger view to fit within the player.
*Wiki is back online, renamed SNIKI ( Saturn Nein Wiki ),over a hundred of pages with all information of Saturn Nein and Nick Physick.
*New website background.

Another update soon as I will be implementing flash and ajax once more. Due to the lack of technology in 2006, current technology should be able to process the streaming website with your computer. If not, GO FREAKING BUY A NEW COMPUTER AT WALMART FOR $300! I MEAN REALLY SHEESH! WHO USES A PENTIUM 3 ANYMORE?!!! lol… otherwise you can read our text version of the website by deselecting in your web browser.

Thank you 🙂


Oh yes! I am so happy with the outcome of New Years Eve and how you all showed up to say hello. Thank you very much for your support. And now since I use Coca-cola cans so much in my videos, they have decided to sponser me. I will never go without a coke for a day in the year 2012, thanks to them. I love you coke!

Prepare yourself for season 3, and if I am promised this job as I suppose to be, we will be back into production. I also need two girls and a photographer by my side at all times. So feel free to come up and walk with me down hollywood blvd. I will be glad to have your accomodations. Take care! Love you guys! 2012!!! woot


I know I haven’t said much over here @ http://www.nickphysick.com, because I have been primarly working on http://www.saturnnein.com, which is the main network over this subdomain. Gohere for all of our news clips on the expanded over our network.

What is new?:
I have been working on one-take video clips since I don’t have access to my video editing software for seaon 2. Season 3 will hopefully pick up as we will return to editing including a new Los Angeles style intro instead of the old San Francisco Bay Area intro. The fact that I am homeless does not help as access to the video equipment is very hard to reach at this moment. But I have been promised a job soon and then we will back into the studio to continue. But don’t think just because I am homeless that it will stop with production. Although in a previous post over @ http://wwww.saturnnein.com it was stated by someone that I was suppose to be upset and angry over this whole issuse. I assure you I am not as I have found a temperary way to make it through. And that goes for all of us who are homeless. It is information that we as a viewing audience and Nick Physick will deliver it to you. Have a wonderful holiday as I wish you all the best! Thank you for being there! I love you!

Nick Physick


Can you guess where I am? I’ll post a video really soon and you can guess where I am. And how does a completely homeless man like myself travel 200 miles, live on the streets and still manage to charge up my android to 100% battery power to film you another video clip? Pure genius!

There is a hold on season 2 Nick Physick because I have limited access to my video editing software but please enjoy my future video clips. I’ll be doing a lot of one-takes. It will bring you closer to the real me and current real time events that were taken place during the film. And if you want to be on film, come on down. I don’t care. We all deserve a promotion.


If you don’t recall, I was playing 2nd life a couple of years ago and trying to advertise saturn nein virtually. Well I am back in the virtual world and you can find me mostly on the mainland chatting away with other users. Now it’s their fault if they don’t believe it is I, Nick Physick typing to them. But that is okay because I will be making a video about my homeland within 2nd life. And if you haven’t checked out second life, try it! It’s free! See you there 🙂


Since the industry of smart phones has become rather popular, we have made a mobile website where you can quickly gain access sections of our website. You don’t even have to be on a mobile device to view it. Our draft version is up and can be viewed at http://m.saturnnein.com. Not much to view at the moment, but bear with us as it will be fully functional in November.

In other events, I can not speak about the other events that all of you so desperately want to know about at the moment as someone is closely watching us. But the rumors of my death, leaving the city, betraying / abandoning the entire project, physically hurting people, becoming a drug dealer, trying to commit suicide, without a job, and/or hating everyone is not true. Come to the source, here. All the information that is posted here is our media and is stated facts. I can tell you I am doing well and currently working on another music project as well as video. Let us continue.


Oh it’s you again. Why do keep checking my news? Are you looking for something? I can help you find it. But it seems to me you want me to say something that will give you another reason for you to get upset with me again. Oops! Did I do it again? See, I did it again. I could have just written a post where I just said goodbye but this is not goodbye. This is hello.

If I was even able to speak to you, but he said I could not talk, You don’t want to speak to me, I am no longer, My whole existence is gone. I could not believe he would speak to god in such a manner, but there is no god. Only you. Wishing you harm? You don’t even understand when its all fixed. So why do you keep coming back for more. Now you want to break what is already broken.

Anything I say: hello goodbye how are you have a nice day. You think I’m saying it rudely. Anything that comes out of my mouth offends you and only you. Everyone else says hello back. And everyone else knows. I didn’t even say a word. Quit blaming me.


Haha! Hi guys! I have a lot of you asking where have I been. It came to the conclusion that you might not be aware of all my updates that is posted on several websites found over the net. That’s okay because not everyone uses the search found at the bottom of this page to search the user “nickphysick” to find all of my updates and whereabouts. So instead of you wasting hours and hours trying to find me on every page listed in the search engine, I will be placing a little box on the right side that will list all of my current updates from the various websites that I use.

In my current update:
* I am planning on releasing the Nick Physick Season 2 intro, which I haven’t quite completed yet, due to the unpacking and settling in San Diego. (STILL? I KNOW IT’S JULY. WHY DON’T YOU COME HELP ME AND QUIT COMPLAINING LOL! I AM ONLY ONE MAN.) I want to update the song but recording that is not possible at the moment.

* I am fixing and adding new sections to the saturnnein.com and nickphysick.com website. This has been an ongoing 3 week process and I am on week 4. Honestly, this is never going to end because I can always find something to fix.

* I am outside everyday, saying hello, and shaking the hands of every individual who comes up and says hello to me. You will not find me walking to up and saying hello to you (and it’s not because I am rude. I am AFRAID! lol) because most likely you are a republican or a christian fundaMENTAList, lol and will start going on about how I am the devil and I am stealing your money from all the taxes you pay on your property and that BMW that grandma bought you for Christmas. Don’t forget to call grandma, lol. I am the one who is on the other side of the glass now.

Okay, so that is all for now. You take care. And check back for the most current updates! 🙂


Hello again! Welcome back to my official website where I talk about what is going on this week with Nick Physick over on Youtube.com. Recently I have cut my hair off! Oh no! Don’t be upset. I shaved my head bald 3 yeas ago when I was living in Los Angeles. Here are the pictures. It will grow back or maybe I’ll just keep it short hehe! I like to do new things and prepare yourself for season two. More of me and more visuals. I am focusing more on the 2nd channel where I can get personal and talk to you about random things that come to my mind. So stay tuned this week as I explore parts of my new home, San Diego!


First off, I would like to thank all of you who keep returning here to find something new. I am sorry that I have been away for so long as I was going through the move transition and now I have finally been settled, it’s time to do our yearly website makeover. Every year since saturn nein has been created we have revamped the website for easier use. This year we would like to focus on ease of use. Being able to move around one part of the website without having to leave important information. Interactivity played a big role back in 2006, but it was too bad that technology at that time was not as advanced as it is now. We will bring that back. Profiles data was lost last year during the transferred to the Los Angeles server and most of what we did with profiles, was recovered. Now we want to extend profiles even a little further with ajax. Ajax will help you access your data faster without having to load pages and pages of your personal data.

How long will this take? There is no way that this will be released in one giant update. Through the summer we like to release small updates so you can test of functionality and we can tweak errors. Look forward to our recent update which involved flashing and ajaxing the front page of saturnnein.com and nickphysick.com!


Hey there! It’s only been one week in San Diego and I have already started to notice the change. I’ve been down at the beach everyday this week. It rained on one day, but by late afternoon the sun came out for me and I still was somehow able to attend the ocean. The way the waves crash down right to my feet is like an honoring of my arrival.
The sun shines down upon my skin and within a couple of day I received a tan. I ride my bike and sometimes skateboard. I am already beginning to feel myself regain my strength. I can’t image how I will feel in one month.
I can’t wait to show you.

But how do I want to show you? Do I want to make another 5 minute episode and show you visuals or do I want to get up close and personal, and speak with you. I do. I am currently considering on using my 2nd youtube channel nickphysick2 for a speaking channel where I will talk with you and you can respond with your comments. I am sure with all the subscribers that I have on the original channel, I will gather most of them on to my 2nd channel. Stay tuned as I plan to film more often at least once or twice a week for now. I am currently in production of Episode 7: Through The Valley. I should be finished with that by mid next week.


As I slip into.. Oh wait I already walked through. And what if I just walk through all of these? Will it effect anything? Would you even notice? Because it has already been done, a million miles away from you.

The light is blinding. I put my sunglasses on as I step down the steps from the airplane, people gather to greet me and shake my hand. A woman even gave me a hug or two. “I have returned” I say, “to the place I call home.” Happy Easter! Happy Easter to all of you!


Before I can move on to the next stage, I need to clean up some of the code to optimize loading speed. I’ve noticed some of the code is calling items that are no longer in use.

*Profiles now have customization added. I will write a tutorial on how to use this.
*SYN is currently offline, I am working on resolving the issue.
*nickphysick.com is now enabled with its own domain front page. Links to Saturn Nein available on the nickphysick.com page. An embedded video is viewable but is not the most current video. I am working on syncing the video resolve the issue.

Thank you for supporting Nick Physick – Episode 6. I am planning to add all uploaded videos to the video section of this website. For right now you can view Episode 6 below:


Profiles are back online! Register now! Previous user have been mailed an authorization key to re-enable their accounts once more.

Enabled Videos

Enabled User browser

Enabled User mail

More on the way. Keeping you updated! Have fun!


Hello! We are back online! Here is a brief update of what we did:

News source is viewable

Images are online and viewable

Profile pics and tabs are now viewable. Restore users profile by user name.


You will be able to access your profile by Monday. We will be sending you keys to register your account once more.

I’ll keep in touch with more updates as they arrive.

-thank you



Welcome back everyone to the new Saturn Nein! We are working on resolving the databases. They seem to not link with the new updates. However if they for some reason they do not resolve, we will email you with your new updated information and how to log into your account. It should be back up in a couple of days.

About the update:

We are using a newer, faster database which means you can access your files faster.

We added the domain nickphysick.com which will link to Nick Physick’s personal page here on Saturn Nein.

Music streams are now in high quality. Don’t settle for low bit rate especially if you have the bandwidth to play high quality media.

We are connecting profiles even closer together. With customizable profiles, you can add just about anything.


Stay tuned as we continue to add more updates this month.