Welcome to the new version of Saturn Nein!
We have a new commenting system which is being used on completely different host compared to our native one.
*Reserve a unique avatar! With you can use your unique avatar anywhere on the Saturn Nein Network.

We deleted any of the news that was posted before 2013!
*It is now being displayed in the section which has also displayed every file since 1999!

New sections in your profile –
*Various Q/A’s about yourself.
*You can leave sections blank by not filling them out. Disable a user profile picture by not uploading one.
*Status yourself in a facebook / twitter style by leaving a comment about yourself.

New video section –
*Video files hosted in a video page with a detailed description and behind the scene footage.

New image section –
*Original image section but now we host moving images.
*Uploaded the 2013 album

Season 4 videos are now online and viewable.

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