Chosen Alien

The machines are back and better than ever in this part 2 series that’s probably not ever coming up. Thank you but really man I’ve had too too too much corona. I gotta go . Your couch is making my ass sore. I must be sleeping in the bed. Now I get it. Or is this actually awake. Is there no reality but maybe my girlfriend is an alien from the another planet. Who knows? But all I do know is I’m stuck in a space ship heading to earth at 17,055 mph. Is there no ground? My Feet just sit on air. A new place a new life a new a new what did you know knowing know know tell us …. before we remove this from website in t minus 10 9 8 7 all good girls go to heaven. And I’m so famous that even 3 people know who I am. How did you find us. Hidden shadow he someone showed said you are or aren’t you saw the text I sent you. And the sky. Saw. Have a nice day. Saw.

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